DORT Space

DORT-Space is a satellite payload that enables inter-satellite high-precision ranging, frequency & time transfer and data communication with unprecedented performances:
– ranging with accuracy µm (absolute)
– Allan deviation (1s) < 10-15 for frequency and time transfer
– data communication up to 1 Gbit/s per channel for networking
– onboard fusion and processing of data
– distances >1000km
– dynamic range up to 1km/s

Possible applications

– formation flights
– satellite gravimetry
– earth observation (atmosphere, land, ocean, cryosphere, interior)
– disaster management
– autonomous driving
– distributed astronomical instruments
– quantum communication
– telecommunication service (satellite internet)
– high frequency trading
– space time standard
– distributed synthetic aperture
– Very Long Baseline Interferometry (VLBI)
– Lunar/planetary navigation satellite system
– Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) enhancement


DORT-Vibe is a vibration measuring device that can resolve micro-movements with extremely high sampling rates. Due to the optical measuring method, eigenmodes of vibration of the test object are not influenced. Using multipoint measurement, every micromotion  in 3D can be determined.

– measurement range 10cm … 100m
– optical measurement (non-contact, unwired)
– resolution in µm-range
–  frequency detection rate 0 … 100kHz
– sample rate > 1MHz
– multipoint measurement (parallel, in real-time)
– dynamic range up to 1mm/µs
– 3D measurement of each measurement point
– accoustic wave detection

Possible applications

– vibration analysis
– Structure-borne sound propagation
– Vibration & shock measurement
– High dynamic object tracking
– material science and characterisations


DORT-Sync is a fibre-based time and frequency transfer system. The performance values meet the highest standards (opitic atomic clocks).
An integrated optical path stabilisation system enables advanced data transmission and coding modes.
– Allan deviation (1s) < 10-15
– integrated optical fibre stabilisation
–  distributing length up to 1000km (via optical fiber)
–  distributing length up to 1km (free space)
– time coded data transmission

Possible applications

– Time & Frequency synchronisation for R&D institutes
– Advaned network communication
– High frequency trading
– Distributed ledger for blockchain
– Smart grids
– Time-triggered Ethernet


DORT-LVM is especially designed for monitoring of large structures at large distances with high measurement accuracy. An almost endless number of measuring points can be recorded in parallel with the same measuring performance:
– measurement range > 1km
– resolution in µm-range
– sample rate up to 1MHz
– multipoint measurement (parallel, in real-time)
– measurement of absolute distance (in contrary to relative)
– compensation of atmosphere

Possible applications

– large volume metrology
– building survey
– structural health monitoring
– digital twin
– strain measurement

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