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Our Idea: Dynamic Optical Ranging & Timing

MUnique Tech`s DORT (Dynamic Optical Ranging & Timing) system is an optical pulsed device which offers a new high precise distance measurement. It has performances some orders of magnitudes better compared to other state of the art technologies like LIDAR. This system is originally developed for space application but can be used on ground as well.

Applications for space

Distances (>1000km in space) can be measured with sub micrometre resolution. The device is also capable to provide next generation of time synchronization. Multiple DORT systems can be connected to a very large net of integrated ranging and timing. Relative movements with up to 1km/s are possible for the system.

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Dynamic ranging

Geodesy services

Space telescope

Earth gravitation potential


Formation flights

Autonomous transport vehicles


Time synchronisation:

GNSS enhancement

Planetary/Lunar navigation satellite system

Applications for Ground

A special feature is the multi-point measurement. Each measuring point is read out in parallel with the same measuring performance. In this way, large buildings or components can be measured instantaneously. Since the system works with a readout speed up to 1 MHz, even smallest movements can be recorded.

2D & 3D scanning

Surface scanning

Unmanned areal vehicle

Airborne laser scanning

Distance measurement equipment

Autonomous transport vehicles

Dynamic ranging

R&D laboratories

Civil engineering

– building survey

– structural health monitoring

– digital twin

Large volume metrology

Vibration & shock measurement

High dynamic object tracking

Strain measurement

Time synchronisation

R&D institutes

Ground & control station

Advanced network communication

High frequency trading

Smart grid

Distributed ledger for blockchain


We perform special length measurements for our customers. In this case, we go through the object to be measured and the associated environment conditions in more detail together with the customer and offer a measurement solution specially tailored to the customer.

We also offer other solutions for our customers in many areas of optical physics. Simply contact us and we will discuss your challenge together.


Elisabeth Paul

managing director

Dr. Bastian Eder

managing director

MUnique Technology GmbH was founded in May 2021 by Elisabeth Paul und Dr. Bastian Eder

The Vision is to have answers to the questions of tomorrow

This includes to be on top of current technological development especially in optical physics. Strong investment in research and out-of-the-box-thinking are key factors in the constant evolution of MUnique Technology to find the best solution for customers´needs.


Social Responsibility

MUnique Technology is committed to the fight against discrimination. The aim is to advance the recognition, appreciation and inclusion of diversity in the workplace. All employees should be valued – regardless of age, ethnic origin and nationality, gender and gender identity, physical and mental abilities, religion and ideology, sexual orientation and social origin.

That is why we are proud participants in the Diversity Charter in Germany, part of the EU Platform of diversity Charters


MUnique Technology is enrolled in the ESA Business Incubation Centre Bavaria.
With the support of the Europian Innovation Council within the “Women Tech EU” – Programm, MUnique Technology is proud to be called a “Deep Tech” company. MUnique Technology receives support from “ESA Spark” programme, to boost the development of DORT for ground applications.

MUnique Technology is part of a space consortium including

MUnique Technology GmbH

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