Master Thesis

Physics, Photonic

“Setup of a Pointing, Aquisition & Tracking (PAT) unit of an optical intersatellite link for high-precision distance measurement”

MUnique Technology GmbH is a very young startup with sustainable growth. Our DeepTech company has specialized in the field of optical metrology with an innovative length measuring device.

The system enables a wide range of applications in the field of satellite constellations, quantum communication and time transfer systems. This makes it possible to improve earth observation, satellite internet or navigation systems, for example.

The length measuring device is based on laser systems that require a direct optical link for distance measurement. A PAT system is required to establish an optical link between satellites. This system is to be set up and verified for the first time in a laboratory setup.


– Research on adaptive optics (for space applications)
– Optics design and simulation of a PAT unit
– Structure of the PAT unit and control of the adaptive mirror unit (with Python)
– Set-up of an optical device for testing and verification (incl. 3D printing)
– Characterisation of the PAT unit (speed, stability, homogeneity, …)
– Comparison of measurement performance between adaptive optics and conventional optics
– Technical report


– field of study physics, physical engineering, photonics or comparable
– knowledge in optics and laser technology
– interest in measurement technology, electronic design and CAD design
– knowledge in Python
– English (fluent), German (basic knowledge)

What we offer

– StartUp feeling
– Innovative environment in an extraordinary DeepTech company
– interdisciplinary activities
– permanent employment is possible afterwards

If interested, please email with cover letter, up-to-date curriculum vitae and earliest possible start date.